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Who we are

The Center for Applied Coaching and Sport Sciences is a collection of faculty, staff and students from the College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences at West Virginia University. It is the Center's goal to generate original research and materials that will fill the gap between cutting edge sport science knowledge and technology, best teaching practices and applied coaching across all levels of sport.

What we do

Within CACSS, we strive to create a supportive incubator to combine real world ideas relevant to the skills of coaching, training athletes and cutting edge sport science-based concepts to enhance coaching education, the profession of coaching and the quality of the athletic experience.

This Center will become a place where we share what we are doing, as we look to shape connections that help us all take our work to the next level. We plan to solidify West Virginia University’s leadership in the field of coach development and athletic coaching education.

The Center's initial projects focus on developing expertise in the latest sport data gathering technology and building more efficient channels of communication between the key local, state, national and international sport governing bodies.